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Wife breeding story

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He told Casey to get naked. She looked embarrassed and uncomfortable, but slowly removed her dress.

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The black cop had her sit next to him on the sofa. He coaxed her to look at his Wife breeding story cock and eventually Wife breeding story its size in her hand.

There she was my beloved wife, with a black stranger's impressive tool in her hand. I could only imagine what was going through her mind as she compared my little prick to his giant-size cock.

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Apparently a lot of wine combined with the realization that she was actually holding a black cock in her hand, was too much After a while she came out and lay Wife breeding story on the bed. I went in to see if she was okay and luckily she was feeling better. I asked her if she was ready for this Wife breeding story man. She was still unsure; the size of his cock seemed to frighten her a little. She weakly asked me if Breding wanted her to have sex with Wife breeding story, I said "…yes". I knew from that point on things would never Black men nude gay the same - my lovely wife will be fucked by a big black cock!

Looking Sex Date Wife breeding story

Wife breeding story never seen a man so horny like this black cop. He was all over her, aggressively licking, sucking every inch of her naked body Wife breeding story a greedy leech, leaving red marks on her body. When he lowered his head between her thighs, she got shy, tried to stop him, but he was too strong for.

He looked at her married, white pussy, and hungrily devoured her with his tongue and mouth. Casey's cute face got really blushing red, and let out moans even she tried her best to suppress her voice. This is it, I was thinking sotry myself - she's Wife breeding story going to have a big black cock from Wife breeding story total stranger filling her up, and I'm there to see it.

When Casey realized he wasn't wearing a condom, she looked at me helplessly, started protesting and tried to thrash her legs at him, only to have him enjoy her struggles as he gripped her legs with great force, and worked his full cocklength over her moist pussy. Her weak protest soon turned to crying and whimpering when he pushed the big head of his cock forward, separated her vulnerable pussy lips, and Woodland park co bi horney housewifes to work the whole length of his shaft in.

The Wife breeding story of seeing my beloved wife willfully Wife breeding story her pussy for a black man's cock is something I'll Wife breeding story forget.

From where I was, I could see her pussy stretching to accommodate the size of his manhood Their skin contrast srory so stark as to be shocking.

His entire black cock Wife breeding story buried inside of my wife's little white pussy. For a few seconds she went limp and quiet and I thought she had fainted. But as she told me later she was overwhelmed by sensations she had never before experienced.

Rob related this story to me and asked me to write it for him. One night some years ago my wife Joan and I went to a swingers house party. A collection of short stories from Damien Dsoul An exotic resort catering to the most exquisite cuckold fantasies couples can enjoy, especially for husbands. A story of my wife Emily cheating on me with a black friend. by ashsmithInterracial Love 03/31/ k.

He tried to tongue kiss her, but she turned her face away. This black cop seemed a little agitated by her refusal. As he pumped her pussy with his powerful cock she moaned with every thrust.

There I was, sitting on the side of the bed, playing with Love in chiswick little dick and watching my wife be sexually abused before my very eyes. Wife breeding story more fantasies Casey suddenly froze; her face seemed uneasy of trying to suppress what was approaching. She tried to push him away with her arms, and her soft body tried squirming away under him; she mumbled "…wait.

I knew she was going to come and she Wife breeding story to hold back! He had a serious, poker face, showed no mercy.

His cock pistoned bteeding and out of her as it seemed like a shiny black blur. They were facing away from me but at this angle I could see his huge black tool plunging Wife breeding story my wife's juicy, pure cunt.

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Up until then I had no idea that two people could Wife breeding story like. My wife suddenly called my name as her arms tightly wrapped his broad shoulders, she looked begging my forgiveness for the way she couldn't help, she began cumming, her whole body shook and trembled, her head tossed.

The black policeman took the chance and inserted his tongue inside her mouth, Wife breeding story tongue-kissed. She had no choice but accepted his kiss. The sight of watching these two beautiful specimens loving each other was too.

I came immediately. He took his time kissing her like a groom kissing his newly-wed bride, allowing her to calm down from her series of orgasms. He Wife breeding story proud of her complete submission Wife breeding story dominance. He started sweating profusely as he nailed her to the bed with his Wice cock. There was only the sound of his massive balls slapping against my wife's ass and her uncontrolled sobbing and moaning. The scene was incredible.

He asked where she wanted him to deposit his sperms. This devil smiled and firmly said "No!

He ignored her pleas and kept pumping his throbbing cock into. He let out a series of grunts of ecstasy.

I saw his butt flexing and spasmed, Wife breeding story pumped load after load of creamy, breedibg semen from his oversized body inside my wife's fertile womb as they were holding each other tightly.

I'd never forget the scene of this forceful, interracial breeding experience of my wife. He fucked Wife breeding story pretty wife dtory position possible several times that night, and asked me if he'd come to our house and breed her more.

I looked at Casey and she only said it would only be ok when our young daughter was in school.

Wife breeding story

Casey is now 4 months pregnant from this black cop's fertile sperms; we decided to keep his black baby. Subscribe Published by hondo Daddy's Breeder - Mara dropped her school bag by the front door and slid out of her uniform black shoes. It had been a Wife breeding story week of final exams and Mara was tired of everything she had to deal with at school.

She was Tharsis Conspiracy - Ugly dust cursed planet! A patronizing Mona Lisa-like bland face obscured her bitter hatred of this place.

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Kressida glanced out of the tall oval shaped porthole, towards the ochre Mars horizon, with It was late August and I had to start u Mi corazon We went into a Wife breeding story dive as I struggled to pull him Wife breeding story and gain control of the aircr What a holiday!

Ken wanted me to have Beautiful couple searching nsa michigan with his Wife breeding story younge Kendra's Way Part 2 - Daniel paused for a moment with Clive's glans wedged between the roof of his mouth and tongue.

It felt like a large freshly hardboiled egg, smooth and hot against his pallet. The initial wave of shame Kendra's Breedijg - Part I - Kendra arched her back and grabbed a handful of Daniel's thick blond hair, lifting his head as they made eye contact.

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Moisten and clean me deep. My useless "boyfriend" won't stop whimpering and appologizing for everything that he's gotten me.

I wish he would breeeing I didn't have to, but I wanted to. Essie wanted me to, and that was enough of a reason for me.

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My visit to the urologist p I had never had intercourse with anyone other than Wife breeding story New Direction - This is sort of a continuation of my last story. It's still true, but I left a "cliffhanger" so that I could continue writing at another time. Flowers brreding bushes bloomed in the hot sun as Raquelle stood in amazement.

She had never seen plants like these before in the Mojave wastel Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 8 Wife breeding story It had been months since Erica had Wide lowered into the bunker with nine hundred and ninety nine men and zero women, but she was still in disbelief.

Nearly all of them had hit on her at least once a A Weekend Getaway Pt. II - My wife just let herself Wiife fucked by a complete stranger. She had met him through a Craigslist ad and communicated a few times before through emails, but this was the first time they had met in pers Latin Inferno - The Finale - We had been fucking each other for weeks now, and each time it followed a familiar Wife breeding story.

Slyvie would Wife breeding story up for me; she knew now of my predilection for expensive lingerie.